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Today, the British tide brand REPLICA MULBERRY. In fact, last night wanted to write, but the hardships of not, or a Zzzz to dawn.

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MULBERRY and BURBERRY, but two brands Oh Many people because of this BERRY always confuse them. But also because BURBERRY too early into our perspective, and MULBERRY into China a year later quietly left. I think cheap mulberry bags like a mother (MOM), BURBERRY much like dad (papa). Haha I think so ah But these two brands really do not have a little relationship, the only thing is the home is the United Kingdom. British people like this low tone tune bag chanting.

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Ridicule to say irresponsible words, MULBERRY the earliest time is carrying the title of the cottage HERMES, and even today the title is often ridiculed by some people up. After all the oldest classic BAYSWATER and HERMES BERKIN really like. So someone asked me to buy this almost do not know the brand, I will joke that, because I can not afford to buy BERKIN first to send a spiritual slightly. In fact, this is not the first to see a woman on the luxury of investment articles, the author said that with their hardship to buy BERKIN as comfortable to buy MULBERRY. At that time I was disdain, like BERKIN will buy BERKIN this is their own dream, why do not get a fish and shrimp Ye Hao reason out. But today when I fell in love with mulberry replica handbags, I still want to say MULBERRY is MULBERRY, HERMES is HERMES. Although the two levels are different, but M is definitely not a substitute for H, like the harem of the elegant and queen. Are the emperor’s love, but the level is different.

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In fact, the name of MULBERRY has long wanted to run into the street to shoot the niu heart ha ha. Maybe you and replica mulberry not on the number, but when you read the following picture, you know. Some people say that MULBERRY very tide is very low and low.