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“Quintessentially English” is a term often used to mulberry replica handbags. Mulberry first burst onto the scene over thirty years ago and quickly become synonymous with exemplary craftsmanship and stunning creativity and design. Added to all this was a healthy dose of practicality enabling Mulberry to become a fashion icon and yet not distance itself from the high street shopper.

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Over the years there have been many different mulberry replica handbags launched with some being more successful than others. Even the handbags that did not reach the dizzying heights of success as some of Mulberry’s best sellers were still very, very well made leather handbags. Perhaps the difference between a well made bag and a well made bag that becomes a global superstar lies in it’s design appeal, providing the right style at the right time.

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One such Mulberry bag that became a fashion icon was the cheap mulberry bags. The satchel-esque look of the Bayswater coupled with exquisite detailing ensured the Bayswater became one of the most popular Mulberry bags ever produced.

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More recently the Mulberry Alexa has been attracting praise from around the world. In part inspired by the earlier Bayswater the Alexa is a more contemporary twist on an old classic. It was named after the British TV presenter, Alexa Cheung, who was well known for her stylish and quirky sense of style. Mulberry’s creative director once saw a photo of Alexa with an old, classic men’s Mulberry briefcase and thought it oddly looked right! She redesigned the Bayswater to make it cater to a more modern market and sales took off!