Mulberry says terrorism and election uncertainty may have hit UK sales

All sales of the brand increased by 8% to £ 168.1 million (€ 1.9 million). “In this year, we have made good progress. Developing our sales and profits, which gives us a more favorable position.” Our. The international development strategy goes further into Asia and thanks to the new partnership that we have developed in the full range of channel products in key markets. “In addition Andretta reports that new products are launched by the brand, the big momentum has gained new and old customer brands. “We want to continue to invest in our international development and to strengthen the relevance of the style of the ever-changing mulberry replica handbags.”

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2017 on the line segment saw particularly high growth in the total 18%. Replica mulberry’s online sales are currently £ 25.5 million (€ 290,000), making this segment 15% of total sales.

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The increase in sales is mainly due to the replica mulberry brand, the UK has become the largest market. The area saw a 10% growth and eventually achieved a turnover of £ 1,068,000 (€ 1.21 million). In other areas, where Sang was present, saw a 1% increase in sales of a total of £ 215,000 (244,000 euros). Two years ago, the company had recorded a loss of £ 1.4 million. The loss in this loss is caused by the increase in the number of items allowed to be lost in the company’s confidence. After taking the measures to reduce the price, the company got a new CEO and Johnny Coca-Cola was appointed as creative director. These measures seem to bear fruit.

Mulberry replica handbags return to the people still have time to go?

Two years ago, Mulberry that he already has more than four conditions. They hired from the Hermes French general manager Bruno Guillon as a new CEO, toward the goal of becoming a global luxury brand impact. But now it seems that this is a completely wrong decision.

Guillion was finally dismissed in March 2014 after issuing three earnings warnings to investors. Has been relegated to the second line, sitting in the non-executive director of the former CEO Godfrey Davis served as interim executive director. 1 month later, the financial origin of the CEO announced Mulberry will adjust the pricing, return to the people in the past positioning.

Mulberry for a long time to be considered a cost-effective light luxury brand. This is quite attractive to the consumer positioning is largely due to Davis and 2013 just left Mulberry creative director Emma Hill.

Shortly after Hill joined Mulberry in 2007, the financial markets collapsed. This is the history of mulberry replica handbags brand development of a turning point.

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You can see Mulberry as a miracle in the economic crisis. Hill as design director, Replica Mulberry classic Bayswater handbag for a major transformation, it is both fashion, quality and functionality. And then launched a star Alexa Chung named Alexa handbag. The series took the lead in the introduction of a handbag introduced three kinds of size of the practice, in the fashion circle caused a sensation. People can carry a mini-Alexa into the nightclub dance floor, you can also leave a large size of Alexa commute. No one thought that only by the size of the change can make the same handbag to show a completely different style.

In addition, this approach can also expand the price range. Mulberry most of the mini-size handbags are priced below 400 pounds. This practice is now in Burberry, Coach and other brands of handbags can see.

In Hill’s design with a British style, it often contains New York’s inclusive and popular. This is related to her career experience. The British designer worked in Burberry, and later she left London to live in New York for 15 years, has served as Mark & ​​Spencer, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs and Gap accessories designer.

In fact, Mulberry in the British limelight once more than Burberry. In December 2010 the British Fashion Awards, it defeated Burberry won the annual fashion brand award. In the evening, many fashion editors and social celebrities were lined up to celebrate Emma Hill.

This is the peak of Mulberry brilliant. 2010 to 2011 fiscal year, Mulberry’s sales almost doubled to 1.216 billion pounds. In 2012 its sales continued to rise 62%, the stock price in two years turned over 10 times. Many analysts began to predict that Mulberry will be the next Burberry – a sales of over 1 billion pounds of the company.

All this to Mulberry’s board began to some expansion. They decided to ask the luxury goods industry origin Bruno Guillon to carry out a comprehensive brand upgrade and global expansion.

Guillon in order to make Mulberry more luxury brand to do to send, has moved to China and Turkey, part of the production line and moved back to the UK, resulting in Mulberry had to raise the product price. It is also within Guillon’s plan, he hopes to develop more high-end handbags series. Positioning adjustment, Mulberry most of the handbags are priced at 700 to 800 pounds, 17% of the single product more than 1000 pounds. An invisible Willow handbag price of up to 1600 pounds.

“When a brand to raise the price of mulberry replica handbags to more than £ 1,000, it faces a competitive environment is completely different, and in this new environment, Mulberry does not have a stunning product to make it more attractive than other mature brands “Said Maureen Hinton, an analyst at consulting firm Conlumino. A very natural analogy is Burberry, but it is too difficult to do Burberry.

Replica Mulberry and Burberry did not like the history of luxury history. It has been an independent designer brand before 2000. Its founder Roger Saul in 1971 with 21-year-old birthday received 500 pounds in his home in the basement began to make leather products. Until the 1990s, mulberry replica handbags in the UK only a little fame. The ambitious Guillon began to expand in Asia, the Middle East and even the US market, which led to its sharp decline in profits, and ultimately into a financial crisis.

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In 2000, Singapore’s rich man Ong Beng Seng and his wife Christina Ong bought Mulberry 42% of the shares. Two years later, the two sides of the conflict of interest eventually let Roger completely lost control of the left Mulberry, then the financial director Godfrey Davis was appointed as the new CEO.

In the hands of Davis, Mulberry’s product line re-simplified to the highest profit margins of the main accessories. In overseas expansion, it signed a wholesale sales agreement with multiple partners to increase the company’s revenue, which for its success after several years to establish a foundation.

It is because of this foundation so that Mulberry can not become a big luxury brand. Blindly let it lose its original advantage.

Mulberry Replica constantly raise the price of the two years, the other with its positioning close to the light luxury brands are in global expansion. “A brand can not do all the things.Mulberry in the high-end fashion market is no credibility, it’s the opportunity in the light of the market. Similar to the positioning of Michael Kors and so have done a good job.” BNP Paribas luxury research director Luca Solca Told the first financial weekly.

In the success of the light brand, multi-channel sales model has been one of the important strategies. In addition to retail stores, they often through a large number of wholesale business and discounts to increase sales opportunities. However, Mulberry but in order to improve their brand image in 2012 after the continuous reduction of wholesale business, reduce the discount opportunities, to take full-price strategy.

“Raising prices is always more difficult than price, which is a common law for the market,” Solca said.

And Guillon’s re-positioning of mulberry replica handbags is clearly inconsistent with Hill’s design philosophy. The differences between the two were considered by the industry as the main reason for Hill’s departure in September 2013. As Hill’s departure, Mulberry in February 2014 London Fashion Week’s big show has also been changed to a small-scale new conference. This has been in crisis Mulberry is another heavy blow.


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Grab the mirror fashion week Mulberry replica latest Catwalk series

Mulberry replica 9 on Catwalk autumn and winter 2012 launch, the latest Del Rey handbag was in London 2012 Fashion Week debut, including the golden serpentine embossed, ink blue shiny crocodile embossed, embossed metal brown fur package section. Has a nostalgic elegance, but modern classical temperament inspired by the source for the package into the practical, simple, elegant and luxurious both qualities.

Mulberry will be launched in September Catwalk 2012 autumn and winter series, in addition to Maisie and Zig Zag series, also includes Del Rey series of four new models.

Dey Rey handbag inspired by the American singer Lana Del Rey, she has a nostalgic, elegant, but modern, classical temperament, as Dey Rey handbags inspired by the package for the money into the practical, simple, elegant and luxurious and With the characteristics.

Ink blue shiny crocodile embossed handbag with a unique and sophisticated turtle lock; gold snake embossed handbag will be extended serpentine embossed to the lock and features a tassel.

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In addition to these new models, also introduced an enlarged version of the black Del Rey, Jennifer Lawrence to carry it out of the street. The Michelle Dockery and model Leigh Lezark is carrying the blue shiny crocodile embossed replica handbags debut.

Larger version of the black Del Rey, Jennifer Lawrence carry it out of the street. The Michelle Dockery and model Leigh Lezark is carrying the blue shiny crocodile embossed handbags debut.

A nostalgia exudes an elegant temperament, and constantly respected by European and American stars and models. Fine workmanship, ingenuity of the leather color, Dey Rey handbag inspired by the package into a practical, simple, elegant and luxurious both qualities. More prominent urban independent women’s luxury taste.

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A nostalgia exudes an elegant temperament, and constantly respected by European and American stars and models. Fine workmanship, ingenuity of the leather color, Dey Rey replica handbags uk inspired by the package into a practical, simple, elegant and luxurious both qualities. More prominent urban independent women’s luxury taste.

Become not so serious British leather goods brand Mulberry replica so successful counterattack?

Recently, the British leather goods brand Mulberry replica after a lapse of 30 months after the rally, in the autumn and winter 2016 London Fashion Week brought a wonderful fashion show, which is the new creative director Johnny Coca under the leadership of the first series, Can be said to be very successful. Mulberry and the current development of the point of view, be from the dying state before coming out, welcome.

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If you do not know how Mulberry replica uk is dying before, it is necessary to first introduce. Mulberry has been known as Burberry (Burberry) after the UK’s most discourse brand, but since 2013 when the CEO Bruno Guillon took office, it took two years to make a capital death.

Wayward death serious consequences

Bruno Guillon from Hermes in an attempt to overstating the brand positioning, to take some outdated practices such as reducing the number of wholesalers, the flagship store decoration is very luxurious, some of the production lines in China and Turkey to move back to the UK, raised pricing, and ultimately lead to a series Earnings warning.

However, the current CEO Thierry Audretta and creative director Johnny Coca under the joint operation is back to life. The two of them are former colleagues, reunited after Mulberry also return to the “right way”, a series of measures to get rid of the dilemma.

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Left: Thierry Audretta Right: Johnny Coca

Back to light extravagant positioning, plan to transform into a lifestyle brand

The first thing Thierry Audretta, who took office last March, is to reposition and transform into a lifestyle brand. The most intuitive approach is to adjust the price, the original price of up to 700-1600 pounds of the bag in the control of 500 to 995 pounds, while the introduction of classic and new, and the market focus on the most important British home; clothing and footwear Then in the global market distribution. This approach quite effective, to Mulberry replica handbags in December last year, has returned to profitability, as of September 30 in the first half profit of £ 100,000, the stock is also very stable.

Style becomes less serious

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Mulberry2015 autumn and winter series

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Mulberry2016 autumn and winter series

Compared to the previous eight children are the style, the new creative director Johnny Coca to Mulberry injected new vitality. This season’s women’s subversion of the past, the traditional sense of retro, full of British punk rock Fan children, but also a little more girls feelings. Johnny said he did not change for the sake of change, just want the product in the market have some recognition. How such a change in consumer acceptance before the shelves, although still unknown, but at least after the release of popular acclaim.

Conform to the trend of “that is to buy”

And now a lot of big names such as Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger, Tom Ford, Rebecca Minkoff and so the same practice, should be “to see that buy” and development Social networking and e-commerce channels. In the 2016 autumn and winter series before the show, Mulberry outlet Instagram and pinterest on the release of some notice for its big show warm, this new series will also be shelves in April.

Mulberry replica from the surplus in the first half to China to seek development

As part of the expansion of the international market plan, the British luxury group Mulberry replica said a few days ago, the Group and Challice’s Club 21 branch in China to set up Mulberry (Asia) Co., Ltd., direct control of the management of the Asian region, mainly responsible for the brand included in the Hong Kong and Taiwan business, and will be the first time in China to open four stores, set up one line under the line of the whole network.

Challice holds a 56% stake in the Mulberry Group, which is responsible for assigning franchises in China. Mulberry Group currently holds 60% stake in Mulberry (Asia), plans to invest 3 million pounds for the region in the next two years of marketing development. In addition, the group plans to invest £ 2m to develop business strategies with Challice in northern Asia.

According to Mulberry Group, said the new company will be the beginning of two years of loss, is expected to enter a profit two years later, its financial situation will be integrated into the Group’s financial statements.

Mulberry Group CEO Thierry Andretta pointed out that this will be the Group’s competitive advantage, the Group will accelerate the development of the whole channel, the franchise is not the best way to develop business in China. Although the Group already has full-channel operations in Europe and the United States, the Group intends to attract a new generation of consumers, particularly those that rely on the power supplier.

As of September 30 in the first half, Mulberry Group sales increased 32%, accounting for 14% of total sales, while the Group’s total revenue rose 9.9% to 74.5 million pounds, but subject to the sterling exchange rate fell, the period recorded A net loss of £ 342,000, compared with net profit of £ 120,000 in the same period last year.

Thierry Andretta said, Jonny Coca joined Mulberry as creative director of the first series of consumer recognition, its join so far, has introduced nine new handbags, the current brand as of December 3 in 10 weeks performance is good growth momentum.

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Thierry Andretta said, Jonny Coca launched three of these new replica handbags has been ranked among the group’s top ten best-selling handbag style, while the group’s small leather goods also received good growth. He added that Jonny Coca for the brand into more new DNA, in the luxury goods industry, Mulberry has always been the most cost-effective brand, handbags priced at 500 pounds to 995 pounds.

Verdict Retail analyst Honor Strachan said, Jonny Coca designed handbags to enhance the Mulberry brand image, so that the old luxury brand more younger, but many brands adhere to the fine craftsmanship and good reputation. The Group needs to continue to invest in product innovation to differentiate itself from the increasingly crowded Asian markets.

The devaluation of the pound is really mixed for the group as it boosts sales in the UK’s tourist regions but lowers sales in the local market, which also means that the Group will need to invest in higher operating costs.

Investors seem unmoved after Mulberry’s earnings report and plans for the future, and its share price fell 3.4 per cent to 10.62 in after-hours trading, with a current market cap of about £ 667m.

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It bag, the annual must have the replica handbags, in addition to the classic Hermes Bikrin, Chanel 2.55, Balenciaga motorcycle bags, this year’s hot Celine Trapeze, Louis Vuitton x Sofia Coppola, Givenchy Antigona, Chanel boy, LV Monogram Empreinte Speedy , PS11 become the hearts of stars are good, so much love hit the star IT Bag, which you want to have it?

Chanel 2.55 classic bag is a package of many girls dream package, but also many stars love it Bag, half a century has become a symbol of quality. Today, the streets of Paris is still popular Chanel chain bag, the new color and texture of the rich classic, let it last longer.

Prada’s new Prada Floral flower package must let everyone shines, in this bleak autumn and winter season, this full of angry handbags as the eye-dotting fashion and then appropriate. Hot girl Miranda – children can be hand Kua handbags this large package of flowers show street modeling, and as early as before her with the beautiful hot mom of Jessica Alba is also carrying this handbag out of the street , In the backdrop of the impact of color flowers, let us closer to the spring sunny spring.

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Although Mulberry replica has a number of popular models, Bayswater is still the most classic evergreen. As an authentic British brand, Mulberry has always been named to the package name of the tradition, Bayswater is a place in the west of London, very unique. This section of the package to simple lines, materials used, fashion and durable fashion loved by the people, but also because the use of British supermodel katemoss quickly became popular. Just five years time, Mulberry Bayswater LV “speedy”, Hermes “Birkin”, Chanel “2.55” as a new generation of ITbag.

The new Chloé Alice black and white spell color large handbags came to power will win the hearts of many stars, New York social circle new beauty Olivia Palermo (Olivia Palermo) in the recent out of the street, because this bag eye-catching It is hard not to pay attention! Inspired by the 70s popular style bag, flowing lines seem atmospheric and simple, black and white is definitely a classic in the classic, whether with casual wear or shopping activities with skirts are the most suitable choice.

Le Boy Chanel bag design style is divided into two, one inherited the classic 2.55 bag size, small and medium-sized metal chain elegant delicate; the other school of Le Boy Chanel bag, the threaded metal chain lengthened, together with leather portable strap, Le Boy Chanel Shoulder portable two-way affordable Two-way bag, suitable for neat fashion people multi-use. Of course, Le Boy Chanel bag also has an extension from Ms. Chanel’s little story. “Boy”, you must know Ms. Chanel’s lover, Mr. Arther Boy Capel. Boy Capel to Ms. Chanel’s first bouquet of flowers is camellia; the same time, Boy Capel support to help Ms. Chanel to open boutiques. Even when Boy Capel died, the sad Chanel lady vowed all the women to wear her black mourning Boy Capel. So we can easily see the source of this bag it.

Celine Since the return of Phoebe Philo, each quarter of the new products can give a refreshing feeling, novelty, amazing, fashion these words are very suitable to describe them, this Celine Trapeze package also by the pursuit of the major stars , Supermodel Andie Arthur, popular star Amanda Seyfried in pursuit of this package will know the extent of love. Do not know now pregnant Phoebe Philo will design a more maternal color IT BAG too!

Celine Luggage series of handbags have been red for several years, and sustained heat so that it deserved to become “It bag”. Celine Luggage with its unique design and large capacity to become supermodel, Hollywood stars, ladies, popular days of their choice. Of which the highest rate of black style appearance, of course, there are leopard, neon color, color and other styles fight. Emma Rose Roberts by the back of the small version of the smiling package features. British supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley of the dark green style is also bright spots.

Celine Luggage series of handbags have been red for several years, and sustained heat so that it deserved to become “It bag”. Celine Luggage with its unique design and large capacity to become supermodel, Hollywood stars, ladies, popular days of their choice. Of which the highest rate of black style appearance, of course, there are leopard, neon color, color and other styles fight. Emma Rose Roberts by the back of the small version of the smiling package features. British supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley of the dark green style is also bright spots.

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In the name of many affordable bags in front of some people with the big slip, but in vain to back the brand name is still aunt street; and smart fashion fine they will know how to use the same money to buy the noble fashion section . If you have determined to get rid of Aunt, promotion of fashion fine, then first look at the luxury entry five best replica handbags and the most worthwhile investment in five international big bar.

As if the brand had to recommend, can not find a reason not recommended. In the national fashion knowledge is not rich, LV became popular knowledge. LV product is difficult to find no MONOGRAM, since can not escape, it is inside pick quality. Speedy classic Needless to say, but the replica is flying, you do not want to and Aunt farm “hit package” it. Fortunately, this time there are Neverfull bailout. “Generous” the word accurately depict its shape. As the name of its capacity, “filled with dissatisfaction”, especially for small girls with a small body, OL, it is simply necessary style, there are three large and medium-sized Renjunjun choice, and cost-effective.

Replica of the street has been indiscriminately bag, what else can choose? GUCCI is precisely this powerful, and those who do not inflow of pirated products with one-tenth of the GUCCI style did not fold enough, as long as you board the official website will know that it is also a genius of the extraordinary place. Covered with double G-LOGO canvas bag is to give up, downstairs fifteen-year-old student sister have been carrying it ran the streets. But it does not matter, Singoria series is a good choice, the most classic Hobo bag and Boston bag style, and a touch of LOGO embellishment corner of the bag to prove its noble descent, elegant white, brown and dark coffee color can match all your wardrobe Of the clothes.

Paddinton’s lock is simply a woman’s heart are locked, Phoebe Philo in office in just five years, to the IT Bag Liufangliugu, but she would rather get along with her daughter, do not want to concentrate on the cause. Fashion circles will not stop because there is no rotation, OK, since she gave us, then we can give her, not a big lock we have other options? Chloe Bay Quilted! Neutral design without losing elegance, more important is that less heavy locks, use more light, and small LOGO, is a low-key noble.

Six years ago, Coach is struggling in the death of the old brand, an “old” word will be able to destroy the future, but fortunately the brand CEO Lew Frankfort brains turn fast, a “easy to have a young luxury brand” Reversed the fate. But the Coach canvas series and the fate of Gucci in China as bad, in the recommendation of its classic Hamptons series, “old” and “retro” really bad day to the difference, the series in 2007 to repackage, large capacity, And there is a zipper purse, but also leather texture, the best price is really only L and G prefix of half, more than six thousand, think about a leather bag, but also a big brand, how to calculate the value of friends, into Goods as early as possible.

2007 PRADA and miumiu fighting hard to be difficult to understand, but the flowers of two, the table one, two brands are large income field. Miumiu of the younger, and PRADA sword go Pianfeng, have become the most brilliant fashion circle of scenery. When it comes to bags, although the PRADA nylon packets started, but the texture is flat, the price is not necessarily cheap. So that nylon bags do not want it, hold the frequency quickly catch up with a household before a rice bag, and not necessarily expansive, only the rich man will Tuen meters. This winter’s metal gradient color package simply let people drool, cortical fine, fine workmanship, color is simply a chapter, only this season to buy from the hand. Although miumiu is good, but too maiden’s taste is not always evergreen.

The following recommended five brands is less pirated on the market. But at the same time is a good alternative to some alternative, the price has a high end, but I believe in the near future should be able to capture the domestic market, the most important thing is not to worry about collision package, which is also a smart investment part.

Compared to other brands a hundred years of history, is about to enter the 60th anniversary of the LONGCHAMP can only be considered middle-aged, saying so, but the brand seems to play in recent years Placenta, creative director Sophie Delafontaine led the design More and more young and bold, is invited to die altar evergreen Kate Moss naked endorsement, just reflect the “handbag is the protagonist” essence. Rival Bag flagship product for this year’s most hot blue, with both sides of the zipper iron mouth for embellishment, very stylish. The series also introduced wealthy, suitable for regular business and travel you, the price is very affordable.

replica MULBERRY

Britain is rich in “berry” class, out of a striped package BURBERRY, the other is to replica MULBERRY, logo is a small maple leaf. The former is the name of Jiuyang, while the latter is the 70’s classic leather brand, but many fashion people are too old-fashioned, so the brand invited Stuart Vevers design. Wow, really good vision, just upper will design a package of Dr. Bayswater, even Kate Moss have a round praised. This season is the introduction of patent leather fabric, in particular, there are fresh purple, but silver will be a good choice. In addition Elgin series of large cross-shaped buckle is quite handsome.

A can and LV for the French brand of PK, also has 150 years of history, the Duke of Windsor, “Holmes” author Conan Doyle have had this brand, and now get fashion circles Lafayette Karl Lagerfeld and former Dior Homme design Division Hedi Slimane favorite, one can imagine the brand’s reputation to go. Saint-Louis, known as the milk powder bag, large capacity, plus a purse, the price is relatively flat.If you want to buy a new product, Another Jersey and St. Martin is a good choice, especially the latter color, low-key bright.

Needless to say, right? Sarah – Jessica – Parker in the “Sex and the City” half of the time in Jimmy Choo’s top, while the other half to the Manolo Blahnik. In addition to producing shoes JC also out of handbags, really take into account the dual needs of a woman, and design a very feminine, able to appropriately bring out the feminine elegance and free and easy and so on. If you want to recommend a, Sorry, really no way, in short, the more the better. In particular, to mention the brand founder Jimmy Choo is the ancestral home of the Malaysian nationality of leather shoes designer, from childhood to learn shoemaking shoe shoemaker technology. “Chinese”!

What should be introduced on the last one, but not biased, it is TOD’S it. Because it produced every home is the perfect handicrafts, and low-key, so the last appearance should not have grievances, gold will always shine. Similarly, and JC is the production of shoes, the same is the Chinese designer, Linda Ke (Derek Lam), took over last year, TOD’S, in June this year won the reelection won the two Marc Jacobs won the CFDA clothing accessories award, see skill deep. The TOD’S in addition to the classic Peas shoes, the leather handbag is also legendary, D-BAG and MIKEY-BAG, each hand is to build, feel good, after all, to one of the collection for the brand-name enthusiasts.

Mulberry replica Christmas advertising large official release

Mulberry replica new Christmas advertising blockbuster “It’s What’s Inside That Counts” tells the story of a traditional Christmas in England, the protagonist by the discerning mother, noisy sisters and a mysterious son.

Mulberry replica
The film is directed by Albert Moya, and the screenwriter is the famous << Budapest Hotel >> the writer Hugo Guinness, the Christmas advertising blockbuster all the characters are performed by children, so the whole story is full of twists and turns.

This is a story about love and inclusiveness that tells how Christmas influences a family and leads to the theme “it’s what’s inside that counts” at the end of the film.

On Christmas Eve, when Rose generously decided to give his beloved Bayswater to his sister when the whole theme will show the most vividly.

Mulberry outlet creative director Johnny Coca said, “When I was a child, always want to grow faster, so I can become a father, and now, I hope to be a child again! Christmas wake up everyone’s innocence, which But also I use a child to interpret Mulberry’s advertising blockbusters and tell the story of my heart the reason ”

Mulberry Christmas advertising blockbuster will be the first episode of the trailer and the story, and the second set will soon be released.

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Mulberry 2015 autumn and winter Delevingne series bag will be a new steel blue, stylish black, and elegant dark red used in the new season Cara bag. The new season’s Cara bag inspired by Cara Dewai’s love of the checkered leather jacket.

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Mulberry replica will be a new steel blue, stylish black, and elegant dark red used in the new season Cara bag. Cara bag inspired by the new season Cara Dewai on Mulberry Ling Checkered leather jacket love, soft Ling plaid and clip cotton sheepskin with a new color to make Cara bag more elegant and moving.

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Each “Cara Delevingne” bag is produced by skilled artisans in two Mulberry replica handbags factories in Somerset, England. The steel-colored “Made in Britain” was carved on the bottom of the “Cara Delevingne” bag, inspired by the “Made in Britain” tattoo on the soles of Karla Deva.

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Another new Mulberry accessories, customers will be able to purchase the autumn and winter “Cara Delevingne” series of leather goods, such as purse, replica handbags and small handbags, leather goods are all deep red matte leather with a symbolic heart-shaped and lion-shaped rivets decorative .